It's hard enough to go through a divorce without having to worry about whether you picked the right divorce lawyer or not. Even if you are the one who wants the divorce, it can still take an emotional toll on you, making even daily tasks stressful. Choosing the right divorce lawyer at least ensures that you don't have to bear the stress of worrying about the legal details that divorce lawyers take care of. He or she will understand your needs and help you feel satisfied that everything is being done to meet them.

Be Comfortable

While you don't necessarily have to explain all the details of your personal life to your lawyer, it's a good idea to feel comfortable enough that you don't mind sharing some of the information your lawyer will require in order to serve you best. If you feel pressured or feel like your own attorney isn't on your side, it may be time to look elsewhere and use some of the following methods when interviewing your potential attorney.

  • The attorney does not point out all your mistakes or faults.
  • He listens to what you want instead of telling you what they want to do.
  • He is compassionate without prying.

Keep in mind that your attorney isn't your therapist or your buddy, but he may need to get some personal details from you. If you aren't comfortable, you aren't going to be completely honest and your lawyer isn't going to be effective as he should be. In some cases the law may not allow you to get what you want, but your attorney should still be willing to listen to you so that he can find a workable compromise.

Interview as a Prospective Boss

Because you are in a vulnerable situation, it's easy to feel as if you are the one being interviewed for approval rather than you being the one interviewing an attorney. Talking to a divorce attorney does not automatically mean you are hiring him. If he presents himself as someone who is confident without being condescending and who listens to your needs and explains what he can do for you, he may be the perfect divorce lawyer for you. On the other hand, if he treats you as if you are lucky he is even talking to you, you may end up with the wrong attorney.

  • Take in a list of needs and wants that you would life for the attorney to handle.
  • Ask about rates and consider what you can afford or if the other party might be responsible for some of the fees.
  • Discuss his approach. If you simply need someone to draw up the papers that outline the details you and your spouse have already agreed upon, don't accept a more aggressive approach. If you need a more aggressive approach and the attorney wants you to just agree with whatever is being offered, yo may need to seek out someone who has a different approach.

Ultimately, you are the one doing the hiring. Your divorce attorney's job is to look out for your wants and needs while staying withing the bounds of the laws. When you feel confident and comfortable with one of the divorce lawyers you interview (such as one from Wise Scheible Barkauskas), that's the one you need to hire.