Sometimes a messy divorce cannot be avoided. If you are in a situation that has caused emotions to run high, this can escalate divorce proceedings and how things are handled. Here are five ways that you can work your way through proceedings without losing your cool during court.

1. Practice Ahead of Time

Divorce lawyers will know what to expect in court. It is worth it to run through how to act in court, what questions you may be asked, and to have your answers practiced. This rehersal will get you ready for your day in court and keep your nerves down.

2. Be Polite and Professional

Divorce court can be stressful and you may feel as if you are being unfairly judged. By the time you are in court, you need to let go of any grudges or anger and just be professional. Address the court correctly, be polite to all staff and be as low key as you can.

3. Don't Engage with Your Ex

If court is the first time you'll be face to face with your ex in some time, don't let this affect your demeanor. Just seeing an ex that you are upset with might set you off. Try your best to focus on your lawyer and the proceedings, and don't engage with your ex at all.

4. Don't Get Derailed by Petty Comments

If your ex-spouse is stating things that aren't completely true or are vindictive, do your best not to react. If you know this is coming, you can be ready for it and not let your emotions get the best of you. Be sure to let your family lawyer know what might push your buttons so that you are both prepared.

5. Check Your Physical Reactions

You might be sending messages non-verbally that you aren't even aware of. Shrugging, crossing your arms, or rolling your eyes can all be negative signs that a judge might pick up on. Listen to your divorce lawyer for any suggestions on your demeanor and actions that you can keep in-check the day of proceedings.

Sometimes emotions can get in the way and cause you to say things and act in ways that you wouldn't normally do in other circumstances. If you have a lot on the line with your divorce proceedings and settlement, be cool in court no matter how upset you are. This will help your family lawyer (such as Donald B Phelps Law) garner a better settlement on your behalf.