You have worked a long time on finding a logo that is unique for your business and have been making great strides towards success utilizing it. However, a larger business in your area seems to have borrowed or stolen your logo and refuse to stop using it. Are you out of luck in this situation or can a high-quality law firm protect your rights in this scenario?

Logos Are Critical For Your Business 

Every company, no matter how big or how small, has to use a logo to brand their company. Logos create an instantly identifiable tag that people will remember for years to come. Just think about the smiling face that is common in Wal-Mart ads. There's no mistaking that logo for anything else.

So if you have spent some time crafting a high-quality logo and implementing your business materials, you can't let a bigger business steal it. The sad truth is that most people may believe that you took it from them without a lawsuit to protect your logo.

Copyright Law Can Be Confusing For Logos

While logos are one of the most important aspects of your company, the trademark and copyright laws around them can be very confusing. That's because they often don't go into effect for blander or less creative logos but only when a logo is more creative or identifiable.

For example, somebody trying to steal the instantly recognizable McDonald's Arch is going to be sued successfully. However, if your logo is just a few shapes and the initials of your company, you might not be able to win this case. That said, hiring a great law firm can help you out a lot here.

Why A Law Firm Can Help

If you are worried that a larger company is going to steal your logo without any justice for yourself, please contact a law firm as soon as possible. These professionals can provide you with a variety of help, including advising you when to sue, how to construct your case, and other elements of your case.

Just as importantly, they can help you better understand the confusing issues that control copyright law and trademarks. There are many ways for clever, if unscrupulous, big companies to take advantage of your smaller status to steal your logo. Without the help of a law firm, you could be in big trouble.

Don't hesitate to contact a lawyer and to learn more about the benefits that they can provide you. You deserve to have the logo that you designed and used with your business. Don't let bigger companies push you around or make your life more difficult than necessary.