Getting to work can often be stressful in its own right. You might have been late getting out the door because of delays in getting your children ready for school, and then you find yourself stressed about running behind schedule. Perhaps the only thing that might make your daily drive to work more stressful is getting pulled over and written a traffic ticket. While it's possible that you might get caught for speeding as you race to get to work, a number of other traffic law violations are also possible in your situation. Take care not to start your workday on the wrong note by earning one of these violations.

Driving In A Carpool Lane

When you're driving solo and are stuck in slow-moving traffic, it may be tempting to steer your car into a dedicated carpool lane and breeze to work in record time. These lanes require you to have multiple people in your vehicle, although plenty of drivers ignore this rule in favor of getting to work faster. Taking the carpool lane is risky, however. Police officers frequently sit where they can watch passing motorists who are using the lane, and won't hesitate to write you a ticket if you're on your own.

Distracted Driving

There are plenty of actions that you can take on the way to work that can cause a police officer to pull you over for distracted driving. A common behavior associated with this type of ticket is using your cellphone, which you might be tempted to do if you need to respond to some work emails or review some documents before a morning meeting. People who are driving to work could also get a distracted driving ticket for grooming practices such as putting on makeup, or even for eating breakfast in an unsafe manner.

Passing A Stopped School Bus

People who are in a rush will sometimes pass stopped school buses, which is a serious traffic violation that can result in demerit points and a fine. Even if you know that this is wrong, you might be running so late that you decide to quickly dart around the bus before the students have climbed off it. Beyond its danger, this behavior is apt to lead to a charge because many buses have video cameras. The driver may turn the footage into the police, and your vehicle will be clearly visible breaking this rule of the road. If you've found yourself with a traffic ticket on the way to work, give a call to a local traffic ticket attorney as soon as you get to your desk.