Teachers are often held to higher standards than other types of professionals because people trust them with their children. While you may know that DUI charges are something that are not aligned with your personal character, you may face backlash from other people who expect you to maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Sadly, getting a DUI could impact your career, yet you can use these tips to do everything possible to help you maintain your position as a teacher.

Find Out Your School's Policies

Your chances of losing your job after a DUI depend upon several factors that include the school district's policies as well as what is included in your teaching contract. Start by reading through your contract to see if there is a morality clause that could be impacted by a DUI. In some cases, you can be fired immediately if it is believed that your actions place the wellbeing of your students and colleagues at risk. In other cases, a school may just not renew your contract. If you are confused about your school's policies, then you can also bring this up with your DUI attorney so that they can help you understand the potential consequences you face if there is a conviction.

Take Steps to Keep It Off Your Record

In many states, even a first time DUI conviction has serious long term consequences such as having the infraction listed on your driving or criminal record. Since many schools do background checks, you can expect that a DUI charge may appear if you are not able to keep it off of your record. Reach out to a DWI defense attorney, and provide them with as much detail as you can about the incident. Did you have one glass of wine right before driving? Or, perhaps you drank alcohol while also on a certain type of medication. This type of information can help your attorney determine if other factors may have caused you to appear drunk or to blow a higher BAC reading. 

Focus On Improving Your Professional Reputation

If this is your first offense, then a DUI defense attorney may be able to work with the courts to help you keep it off of your record by proving your innocence or through special programs that are designed to help at risk drivers. If you are ordered to attend drug and alcohol classes, then make sure that you attend each one. You can also do things to further enhance your professional reputation as a teacher. Take a few educational training courses and remember to avoid getting a new offense. This way, you'll be able to demonstrate responsibility if the charge comes up during your next contract renewal or application for a position at a new school.