A DUI is a major legal issue to deal with, and you will need to work closely with an attorney to get your driving privileges back. There are several things a DUI attorney can help you with throughout the process, including the following.

Speak for You in Court

One part of your attorney's job is to speak for you in court. This is to make the process easier and more efficient for you. During your defense, it is not uncommon to get emotional when you talk about your experience. Depending on your emotions, this can be harmful to your case. You can even get into more trouble if you get too heated in front of the judge. Allowing your attorney to speak for you will eliminate that worry.

Help You Fully Understand Your Case

You and your attorney will talk about the facts of your case so that you fully understand the process. You also need to convey the facts of the event that caused the DUI so your attorney can build a successful case. The attorney will research the facts of your case and let you know if he or she needs more information. If you end up needing to take different steps to regain your driving privileges, such as driving classes, your attorney will help you devise a plan to help you get back into the driver's seat as soon as possible.  

Let You Know About Risks

Your DUI attorney will also tell you about any potential risks or barriers that may prevent you from getting your driving privileges back. You must not commit any crimes of any kind while you are awaiting the decision about your case. Your attorney will let you know about the problems you will face if you are caught committing any additional unlawful acts, including driving while your license is suspended. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, even if the suspension is temporary, you can lose your license permanently, pay more fines, or even go to jail.

When you are going through a DUI case, you must listen to your attorney and follow all instructions provided to you to have the best chance of regaining your driving privileges. Make sure you are honest and upfront about the details of your case so your attorney can build a solid case for you to hopefully prevent you from losing your license, even temporarily. Be sure to also work with an attorney who primarily works in this area of the law.

For more information, contact a DUI lawyer.