There are situations where a person may discover information that indicates that an individual, company, or government entity is involved in illegal activity or fraud. When a person with this type of information comes forward, they are typically referred to as a whistleblower. Doing the right thing and being a whistleblower can involve a lot of hurdles and roadblocks. This is why it is always in the best interest of a whistleblower to hire an experienced lawyer. If you're in the position to be a whistleblower, some of the top reasons why you should hire a lawyer who specializes in these types of cases include the following.

Expert Evaluation of Your Claim

You may have come across valuable information that could potentially point to illicit activity that is against the law, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your claim is solid. Before you move forward, it is always a good idea to see a lawyer who specializes in whistleblower law to have your claim evaluated. An experienced whistleblower lawyer will be able to review your evidence to determine if the case is strong enough to proceed. If the claim is weak due to a lack of substantial evidence, a lawyer can provide advice about how to collect more evidence that can be used in court.

Bring Your Claim Forward

Whistleblower cases are unique, and each one will proceed in its own way. Some whistleblower cases involve filing a lawsuit and going to court. Others may require you to submit information to a specific agency that will do a thorough investigation into the allegations of illegal activity. Since all whistleblower cases are different, it is important to have a lawyer representing you. A lawyer who is experienced in whistleblower law will know what steps to take after reviewing all of your evidence and determining that your information is solid.

Legal Protection

One reason that whistleblowers are nervous about coming forward with the information that they have is fear of retaliation. If you're in this type of position, a whistleblower lawyer can help. In some cases, an attorney can move forward with your case while protecting your identity so you can remain anonymous. If this is not possible, your lawyer will do their best to protect you from harassment or retaliation once your identity becomes known. Having a lawyer on your side can make the process of being involved in a whistleblower case go much more smoothly. 

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