The key to receiving your veteran benefits is proving that your medical problems are related to your military service. Therefore, if your benefits are denied because the VA believes that your medical condition is not related to your military service, you'll want to consider consulting with a veteran benefit denial lawyer as soon as possible. There are several questions to ask yourself.

Why a Veteran Benefit Denial Lawyer?

A lawyer will assist you in gathering the evidence necessary to prove that your medical problems are directly connected to your military service. Even if your disability falls under one of the qualifying conditions, if there is possibly another cause or if you have a pre-existing condition, this might cause problems when you are pursuing benefits.

Why Are Witnesses Helpful?

One of the steps your attorney will take is to see if there are any other witnesses to the incident that led to your health condition. Write down any witnesses you can remember and get in contact with them. Ask them if they would like to be a witness and ask them to write down what they remember about the incident.

Can Your Doctor Help You?

Your doctor will provide you with essential evidence that you are suffering from the condition that you are claiming to suffer from and will also give an opinion as to whether your medical condition is related to your military service. However, you will want to make sure that your doctor provides you with information that is complete, which your attorney can help with.

Do You Have Enough Information?

Oftentimes, you are simply not providing enough information to prove your case. Fortunately, if your claim is denied, you will usually be able to appeal by submitting new evidence. You may also be able to make your case in front of a judge. 

How Long Do You Have to Wait?

Unfortunately, a veteran benefit claim can take years, and you may need to simply wait for your claim to be processed. However, you will be able to have your claim processed more quickly if you have professional representation. The better your evidence is presented, the faster that your claim can be approved.

Many veterans will make the mistake of expecting the VA to gather all the evidence for them, but you can speed up the process by working with an attorney who will inform you about what evidence you should submit and how you should submit it.