During personal injury settlement negotiations, it is important to come to a well-thought-out decision. A personal injury attorney will be instrumental in helping you make an informed decision. Therefore, there are some questions that you, as the plaintiff, must consider during this process. Here are four questions that you should ask your personal injury attorney before agreeing to a settlement figure.

Will All the Medical Bills Be Covered?

In most cases, medical bills due to an accident are not a once-off payment. There may be instances that you require physical therapy, follow-up appointments, or even additional surgeries, which means you will incur additional costs. During settlement negotiations, this question should be fully answered. This way, your personal injury attorney will factor in all the costs and arrive at a fair settlement amount.

Has Property Damage Been Included?

Compensation on property damage may not be as important as that of physical health. But this does not mean that it should be disregarded. Both forms of damages can be compensated equally. Therefore, your personal injury attorney should clarify this matter, even before the negotiations.

What Is Your Pain and Suffering Worth?

When it comes to compensation, it should also include non-economic damages. Examples of these are quality of life, emotional pain, suffering, and mental distress. These are given more weight, especially when you had to go through a lengthy legal process. If you endured a long recovery process, this also adds to the consideration of such compensation.

These types of compensation are particularly challenging due to the nature of converting emotional factors into financial settlements. But with the assistance of your personal injury attorney, the matter will be handled adequately.

Is the Settlement Offer Better Than Going to Trial?

The reasons for settlement when it comes to personal injury cases will vary. And in such cases, both parties must be in agreement. This does not always happen. Some plaintiffs feel that they might get a better settlement through a jury trial than what is on offer. At this point, a personal injury attorney will offer their recommendation. Despite the advice, it is always important to note that the outcome of the case could go either way.

An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to answer their client's questions step by step. Therefore, during the settlement negotiations, you will be able to make an informed decision and get the compensation you deserve. Remember to hire a seasoned attorney for legal guidance and representation.

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