Family law is a sensitive topic as it touches the most critical parts of human life: relationships and parenthood. You might need a family lawyer when:

  • Drafting and signing a prenuptial
  • Adopting a child
  • Going through a divorce
  • Working out child custody
  • Dividing marital properties
  • Filing a paternity case
  • Filing a child support case

Family law firms may work with other legal practices when there is domestic or child abuse. Additionally, the department of immigration may be involved when the case involves foreigners. The USA has the fourth-highest divorce rate globally, with a rate of 2.7 divorces per 1000 people as recorded in 2019. Here's how you can know if you need a lawyer.

Your Partner Has a Lawyer

Are you going through a divorce or a child custody case, and your partner has a lawyer? This means they have a legal advantage over you unless you quickly hire an experienced and reliable family lawyer. 

Understand that a lawyer knows more of the legal implications than you do, even when you adequately prepare. They have been in it longer than you, which means it will be harder to fight fairly when you don't have legal representation. 

Circumstances Have Drastically Changed

If you started with a simple case where you agreed on different issues such as child custody and division of property but your partner has not honored the agreement, consult a family lawyer. Also, if a relationship turns violent or they are planning to relocate, seek legal guidance. 

Your partner can change their mind or try to convince the courts that you are not fit to be the child's custodian. When you suspect any foul play, seek family lawyer services. You'll stand a better chance of having your demands met. 

You Have a History of Alcohol or Drug Abuse and Anger Management Issues

When the court demands you go for alcohol or drug rehabilitation and anger management classes, you're already at a disadvantage, especially when trying to win a child custody case. Having a lawyer by your side helps paint a different picture than the one the courts know. The lawyer will help convince the courts that you are doing the best you can to become a more responsible parent. However, if both partners have been requested to go for anger management or rehabilitation services, it means you're all on an equal footing. 

Look for a family lawyer in your area to find one who can help you.