If you are working with a bankruptcy attorney so that you can file bankruptcy, you are going to need to provide your attorney with a number of different documents. For example, you will need to turn in your bank statements. These are some of the things that you might want to know about providing your bank statements to your bankruptcy attorney.

You Should Provide Statements From All of Your Accounts

If you are like many people, you might have multiple checking and savings accounts. However, despite having multiple accounts, there is a good chance that you use one of your accounts more than the others. You might assume that this is the account that you will need to provide bank statements for. However, you should know that it's actually important for you to provide all of your bank statements for all of your checking and savings accounts to your bankruptcy attorney, even if you don't have a balance in these accounts or even if you don't use these accounts very often.

You Should Submit Several Months' Worth of Statements

Typically, you will be required to submit several months' worth of statements to your bankruptcy lawyer. For example, they might ask you for six months' worth or even a year's worth of statements. If you aren't sure of how far back you should go when giving statements to your attorney, simply ask.

You Have a Few Options for Providing the Bank Statements

If you have a printer at home, you can print out your bank statements yourself. If you don't have a printer or if you are having trouble with finding and printing out your bank statements, then you shouldn't worry. If you stop by your local bank branch, you can ask a personal banker to help with printing out your bank statements. Your attorney might also accept digital files that you can send via email.

You Should Submit the Statements As Soon As Possible

The sooner that you submit your bank statements and other documentation, the sooner that your attorney can get started on your case. Therefore, you should submit your bank statements as soon as possible. You can even bring them along with you to your initial consultation.

You Should Know These Statements Can Be Useful for Your Lawyer

If you are curious about why you should provide your bank statements to your bankruptcy lawyer, you should know that these statements can be very useful for a number of reasons. They can help give your bankruptcy lawyer a better idea of your income and expenses. This can help your attorney choose the right type of bankruptcy filing for you. They will also probably need your bank statements when sending in information to the bankruptcy trustee.