You might have thought that only large corporations or companies hire corporate lawyers. This is not the case, and in fact, smaller businesses often hire business or corporate lawyers to help them with legal matters. This doesn't mean you only need a lawyer if a customer or client sues you for any reason, a corporate lawyer can help you with many different types of transactions and legal matters.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a corporate lawyer even if you own a small business.

Legal Disputes and Business Advice

The primary reason you may want to hire a corporate lawyer is to help you with any legal disputes or lawsuits. These can be from former clients or customers who weren't satisfied with their product or service, or perhaps a former partner or business rival has started a lawsuit or has a dispute with your company. A corporate lawyer can help you file counterclaims and defend you in court if necessary.

They can also give you legal advice before a potential lawsuit or dispute arises. They can go over any contracts you and your clients have to ensure everything is in order. They can guide you through any negotiations you have with potential clients as well.

Changes to Local or State Laws

Laws related to business dealings can change and it's up to you to know these changes and to apply them to your business. When you hire a corporate lawyer they can help you keep on top of these changes and ensure you are in compliance with any and all new or changed laws for your city, county, or state.

If there are changes to laws that might relate to your company, it can also affect any contracts you already have in place. A corporate lawyer can go over these existing contracts to ensure you and your client adhere to the new laws. The same is true for any changes regarding labor laws that affect your employees.

Helps You to Receive Payments

Sometimes you might find it difficult to get a customer or client to pay for your services. It may take longer than it should go over the deadline that the customer had to pay, or perhaps they may not pay at all. A corporate lawyer can help you receive payment faster by issuing payment requests to your customer. If need be, they can also file a motion in the courts to have the customer sued for payments they have not made.

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