The goal of Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits is to assist those who have become injured so they can better face the financial challenges that result from being disabled. However, there are many things that the SSA might want to know before they are willing to approve you for SSDI benefits.

Medical Information

The SSA will want to know when you visit your doctors and the dates in which you visit them. They want to know whether you have undergone any recent medical tests and what the results were. In response to these tests and the diagnosis from your doctor, they want to know what type of treatments you are receiving. They will also want contact information for your doctor.

The Impact That the Disability Has on Your Life

You will also need to explain when the condition turned into a disability and how the disability has impacted your life and your ability to obtain employment. The SSA must know the last date in which you were employed and the length of your employment history. They must know your salary and the frequency in which you would get paid.

How to Answer the Questions

If you are concerned about the answers that you might give to some of these questions, you will want to consult with a disability attorney who will help you understand how to properly answer these questions. You will always want to tell the truth and you might face serious consequences for misleading the SSA including potential jail time. However, the quality of the information you provide can affect your odds of having your claim approved.

For example, you may have a disorder that will not automatically qualify you for SSDI benefits. However, by showing that your disorder makes it impossible for you to be able to work, you will be much more likely to be approved.

How to Appeal an SSDI Claim Denial

Being approved for SSDI benefits is very difficult and a large percentage of SSDI applications are denied on the first try. However, you are allowed to appeal the decision and your SSDI claim will be approved by another individual. In most cases, if you were not approved for SSDI benefits before, you will not be approved the second time around either.

However, your chances will be greater afterward with the help of a disability attorney when you exercise your right to appeal the decision.

For more information regarding disability claims, reach out to an SSDI attorney.